3-color makeup base Blue Ma Vie Mari moisturizing and lighting 40g

3-color makeup base Blue Ma Vie Mari moisturizing and lighting 40g

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Properties of Blue Ma Vie Mari 3-color make-up base:

  • Skin Evening: Each of the three base colors performs a different skin tone correction function:
  • Blue - neutralizes the orange tint on the skin, brightens the skin tone;
  • Green - helps hide redness and inflammation and age spots;
  • Beige-yellow - softens purple and blue tones on the skin, removes dullness and gives a natural glow.

Together, they help create an even skin tone and hide imperfections.

  • Moisturizing the skin The base has moisturizing properties that help ensure that the skin is properly hydrated before applying makeup. This is important for preparing the skin and keeping it healthy throughout the day.
  • Makeup application easier The color base helps to prepare the skin for foundation application. It creates a uniform underlay on which makeup will lie more smoothly and evenly. Corrective colors help hide skin imperfections, making it easier to apply makeup.
  • Enhanced make-up hold: Colored base helps set make-up, allowing it to last longer on the skin. It helps to control oiliness of the skin and ensures the durability of makeup throughout the day.
  • Correction of skin imperfections: Each of the base colors has a special correction function. Blue can help reduce the appearance of knots or yellowing of the skin, green can correct redness and inflammation, and yellow can hide bruises and age spots.

Benefits of Blue Ma Vie Mari 3-Color Hydrating Makeup Base:

1. Quickly absorbed by the skin, non-sticky, does not leave a mask effect;

2. Moisturizes the skin, giving deep nourishment and softness. This is especially important for dry or dehydrated skin;

3. Creates a barrier between the skin and decorative products and the external environment;

4. Mattifies and hides oily sheen;

5. Visually evens out the skin relief.

TM Ma Vie Mari is a Ukrainian cosmetic brand, products have a Ukrainian description and method of application.

Usage: After cleansing the face, take an appropriate amount of Ma Vie Mari 3 Color Base and apply it evenly over the entire face, then smooth over the skin texture. Wait a few minutes until the base is completely absorbed into the skin. This will allow the product to set slightly and provide better adhesion to the next makeup steps.

Note: Due to the different characteristics of each person's skin, the adaptation of skin care products is also different. Before using a new product, it is recommended to try it on the skin behind the ear. If there is any discomfort or abnormal skin reaction, discontinue use. Use with caution on sensitive skin.

Storage method: put it in a cool place and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. Keep it out of the reach of children.

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