Facial Roller Ma Vie Mari

Facial Roller Ma Vie Mari

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Set for facial massage Ma Vie Mari jade roller + gouache scraper

Jade roller and gouache scraper for facial massage, made of natural stone - jade. Jade has a smooth and cool surface that is ideal for facial massage and helps to reduce swelling, strengthen the skin and make it more elastic. For best results, store or refrigerate.

The roller has two heads - a larger and a smaller one, which allows you to easily massage every corner of the face. The roller can reduce swelling, improve blood circulation and increase skin tone.

Jade gouache is used to massage the face to help improve blood circulation, reduce discoloration and swelling, increase skin elasticity and relieve stress.

These two tools in combination delicately massage and tone the skin, increase its elasticity, restore its natural glow and blush, help sculpt the face, increase blood flow and relax muscles, increase lymph circulation, reduce facial puffiness, and help get rid of dark circles. Jade gouache massage can be done daily or every other day, depending on the needs of your skin. It can help reduce puffiness, strengthen facial muscles, and make skin more elastic and healthy.

How to use this set?

Here are some steps you can take to properly use a jade roller and gouache scraper:

  1. Begin by gently cleansing your face of impurities and makeup with a regular cleanser.
  2. After cleansing, apply your favorite facial toner or serum. This will help provide extra moisture to the skin and help reduce friction when massaging.
  3. At this stage, you can use a jade roller. Begin by massaging the center of the face, from the center to the ear and from the chin to the high part of the jaw. Then move to a larger area of the face and then to a smaller area, following the same direction. Use light, gentle movements, trying not to press too hard.
  4. The gouache scraper can be used after the jade roller. The scraper can be used at different angles, moving along the massage lines, starting from the center of the face to the outer edges.
  5. After using the jade roller and gouache scraper, you can apply your regular face cream or oil to provide extra hydration. Note that before using any new skin care tools, you should consult your doctor or esthetician to see if these tools are safe for your skin type.


  • Regularly clean the surface of the roller and gouache scraper with an antiseptic solution. In this way, you will be able to prevent the reproduction of bacteria and protect the skin from inflammation, redness and rashes.
  • To reduce swelling, store accessories in the refrigerator.

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