Hair comb Superbrush Plus black handle

Hair comb Superbrush Plus black handle

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       Comb Brush Superbrush Plus Ma Vie Mari is a universal brush from a Ukrainian brand that will be an ideal assistant for daily hair care. The stylish ergonomic square comb body not only decorates the dressing table, but also has practical significance. The slots in the working area of the brush have a high throughput, so the hair dries faster and does not retain excess moisture.

      The spacious surface with a large number of dense nylon bristles easily combs tangled hair and has an antistatic effect, making the hair smooth and silky. The rounded ends do not damage the surface of the hair and the delicate scalp. Systematic use of a comb prevents the length and section of the ends from breaking off, and also has an effect that stimulates hair renewal and growth.

   What are their super properties?

  • Stylish, ergonomic body with bright colors
  • Painless combing of hair without pulling or breaking hairs
  • Dense bristles rounded at the ends, gently combing tangled hair
  • Provides a light massage effect that stimulates hair renewal.
  • The ventilated design ensures quick drying and prevents moisture retention.
  • Suitable for drying hair with a hair dryer
  • Provides antistatic effect, makes hair smooth, manageable and silky.
  • Heat-resistant and wear-resistant plastic construction

 Ideal for dry and damp hair of any type and length.

Suitable for daily use

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