Hair Vitamins with camellia oil Ma Vie Mari

Hair Vitamins with camellia oil Ma Vie Mari

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Capsules for dry and split ends Ma Vie Mari Hair Vitamin

Moisturize, glue split ends, restore. Ma Vie Mari Hair Vitamin capsules for dry and split ends contain natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair structure, eliminate dryness, and prevent brittleness.

Staying in the sun, improper combing, coloring hair leads to their depletion, dryness, and the appearance of split ends. Capsules Ma Vie Mari Hair Vitamin for dry and split ends will help to quickly bring the hair structure into a well-groomed appearance, envelop and create an invisible protective film, glue split ends along the entire length, smooth, promote easy combing, deeply nourish. Prevent damage caused by negative environmental influences.

Active ingredients: camellia seed oil, Moroccan oil, vitamin B5, vitamin A, C, E, soybean oil, argan oil.

  • Camellia seed oil contains fatty acids, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron. Makes hair obedient, strengthens the hair structure, returns a healthy shine. Prevents the appearance of split ends, saturates the hair with moisture and keeps it inside, restores after dyeing.
  • Moroccan oil contains vitamins, antioxidants, linoleic and oleic acid. Protects hair, makes it obedient, deeply nourishes even severely damaged strands.
  • Vitamin B5 prevents brittleness, increases resistance to external influences.

Result. Thanks to the use of capsules, dry and split ends quickly acquire a healthy shine, beauty, are restored and will be reliably protected from new damage.

Mode of application.

1. Cut off the tip of the capsule and squeeze the contents into the palm of your hand.

2. On washed and towel-dried hair, distribute the contents of the capsule, avoiding the roots and scalp. Does not require rinsing.

3. Dry your hair in the usual way for you.

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