Hair Vitamins with Honey Extract Ma Vie Mari

Hair Vitamins with Honey Extract Ma Vie Mari

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Brittle Hair Capsules Ma Vie Mari Hair Vitamin

Protect from breakage, nourish, regenerate. Capsules for nourishing brittle hair Sevich Hair Vitamin intensively restore damaged curls, deeply nourish the hair structure, moisturize, and prevent split ends.

By regularly using Ma Vie Mari Hair Vitamin capsules to nourish brittle hair, you will forget about the brittleness and dryness of your curls for a long time. Hair loss due to excessive dryness makes the hairstyle sloppy, the volume and density of the hair is lost. Thanks to the components of the capsules, the hair will become smooth, shiny, voluminous and silky.

Active components: Moroccan oil, argan oil, soybean oil, honey extract, ginseng extract, vitamins A, C, E, vitamin B5.

  • Honey extract contains potassium, zinc, iron and iodine, copper, vitamin C, vitamins of group B. Heals hair, gives smoothness and elasticity, prevents brittleness and loss, deeply nourishes.
  • Ginseng extract helps to retain moisture, protects against the harmful effects of the environment and ultraviolet radiation, makes hair elastic, prevents delamination, enhances color brightness, and has an antistatic effect.
  • Vitamin E promotes deep nutrition and bonding of broken ends, making hair smooth, shiny and well-groomed.

Result. Neat, well-groomed, voluminous hairstyle, smooth and shiny hair, no brittleness and hair loss.

Mode of application.

1. Open the capsule with scissors and squeeze the contents onto your hands.

2. Spread the contents along the entire length on clean and dried hair, do not apply to the roots. Does not require rinsing.

3. Dry your hair in the usual way.

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