How to strengthen hair

How to strengthen hair
6 February, 2023

There are many tools that help strengthen curls at home: shampoos, masks, oils. You can buy them at the supermarket or make your own. It's hard to choose just one. To make this task easier for you, let's look at each option:

Shampoos. The most effective are the means, which include amino acids, iron, keratin, oils. In addition to these components, also look for vitamins B 5, 6, 7, extracts of ginseng and sage, cinchona bark, cypress oil. These ingredients are aimed at strengthening the hair and improving their growth.

Oils. Often the oils contained in the shampoo are not enough for the hair, so it is necessary to additionally apply them along with other compounds. In our assortment you will find capsule vitamin oils that are suitable for your hair.

Folk recipes. It is really possible to strengthen hair during hair loss thanks to the beneficial properties of masks. They are easy to prepare at home. However, you need to be careful and carefully choose all the ingredients, mixing them in the exact proportion.

It is even better to correctly combine all the hair strengthening products listed above. It is important to choose strengthening formulations based on individual needs.