After vacation hair like straw?

After vacation hair like straw?
3 August, 2023
After vacation hair like straw? 
I understand you. The sun and hard water overheat and exhaust him. Therefore, my advice to you, in addition to sunscreen, take yellow and red Hair Vitamin capsules with you ✨

Their components will help you protect your hair from ultraviolet, metals and salts in sea water:

✔️ Moroccan oil

✔️ aloe vera oil

✔️ jojoba oil

✔️ argan oil

✔️ soybean oil

✔️ and vitamins B5, A, C, E

And don't worry, they won't take up much space in your luggage. It is enough for you to take 5-10 capsules to keep your hair soft and shiny. But do not forget to put them in an airtight bag, because they are still natural oils

Order Hair Vitamin capsules and enjoy taking care of your hair with me.

Your Ma Vie Mari